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Art and religion

21 September 2017 Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner interviews pastor and artist, Michael Henderson about how he shares his faith through his artwork. Leah Brett sings an uplifting version of Brooke Fraser's Hymn, and Mr Garner shares about God's grace.

Interview: Michael Henderson

Rev Keith Garner interviews Baptist minister and artist, Michael Henderson, about his passion to use his artwork to share his faith in Jesus Christ. He has toured throughout Europe, displaying his art at various exhibitions, giving Michael the opportunity to share his faith with people all around the world.

"I love to tell stories and so I lot of what I do through art is to tell stories. And the biggest story of my life is the story about Jesus and what he's done for me and what he can do for others."

Guest performer: Leah Brett

Creative Arts Director of New Hope Community Church, Leah Brett sings Hymn, written New Zealand artist, Brooke Fraser.

Keith's message: God's grace

Rev Keith Garner questions whether God's grace is just reserved for winners and whether one must earn their way to heaven. He shares how God's grace is for everyone. "For the last will be first and the first will be last," (Matthew 20:16).