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Called to ministry

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV lawyer turned author and pastor, Kirrily Lowe, from C3 Church City, joins Rev Keith Garner in studio. Jazz performer Sharny Russell sings the upbeat ‘Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock’ and Mr Garner shares about the importance of loyalty.

Interview: Kirrily Lowe

Kirrily Lowe is a lawyer turned pastor and children’s author. She then felt the call to write and has since published a number of children’s books. Rev Keith Garner and Kirrily discuss her time working in Western Sydney children’s courts and the moment she felt the call to study at Bible college, where she met her husband and her continued journey as pastor of an inner city church, C3 City, as well as a busy mother of three children.

"I'd always wanted to be a lawyer since I was very a little girl, but in my early twenties I really had an experience with Christ that changed me. And I felt a very strong sense of calling to serve in the ministry.”

Guest performer: Sharny Russell

‘Behold I Stand at the Door and Knock’ is an original song by jazz singer Sharny Russell, from the album 'Gospel Songs For Kids'.

Keith's message: Loyalty

Rev Keith Garner reads of Matthew 22:15-22 and discovers the growing opposition Jesus faced when He walked the earth.

He shares how the religious leaders of the day wanted to trap Jesus with his own words by asking a challenging question about whether our loyalties should lie with God or the government. Mr Garner explains this parable encourages us to remain loyal to God while still abiding to the laws of our government.