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Connection and care

17 September 2017 Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron

In this final episode of Around Wesley Mission, Keith stops by the Wesley Vickery Sylvania, one of our residential aged care facilities to chat with executive manager Cathy Beverley and Emily Rex joins us in the studio to sing Jesus Paid It All.

Wesley Mission care for more than 1,100 residents in our residential aged care facilities and retirement living centres . Cathy Beverley chats to Keith about these residents, her role in providing care and how she's trying to improve clients livelihood while in Wesley Mission's care.

"At Wesley Vickery Sylvania, and at all of our aged care facilities, we encourage residents to be active members of their community, to look for ways to improve their social lives, and to rekindle their passions, and perhaps childhood dreams."

Lead singer of Vintage Season, a Newcastle based acoustic soul duo, Emily Rex performs her take on the 1865, song Jesus Paid it all.

Reading from Acts 4:32-36 and 22-24 Rev Keith Garner shares the story of Barnabas, the gift he gave the disciples, his good nature and how, through him, many people came to know the Lord.

What do we learn from this character about generosity?