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Examining the causes of homelessness

In today's final episode of our four-week homelessness series, Rev Keith Garner welcomes back Rob Seaton, Wesley Homeless Services Operations Manager and shares some of the reasons why families become homeless. Luke Taylor performs 'Glorious Day' and Dr Garner shares about the importance of having faith to see miracles occur.

Interview: Rob Seaton

Rev Keith Garner welcomes back Rob Seaton, Wesley Homeless Services Operations Manager talks about the difficulties faced by families experiencing homelessness.

"Homelessness and family homelessness in particular, unfortunately carries a certain shame.And so there's the retelling of the story that is traumatic, the circumstances are already traumatic and the personal load of being unable to house family that I'm responsible for, is overwhelming to even contemplate that," said Rob.

Guest performer: Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor performs at the Wesley Impact! TV studio to sing Passion Music's 'Glorious Day'.

Keith's message: Healing power

Rev Keith Garner shares from Mark 5:21-43, when Jesus Christ raised a girl to life and a woman, through faith, was healed after touching Jesus' cloak. He shares the power faith can have to bring about the miraculous.