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Faith in the outback

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner interviews National Director of Frontier Services, Jannine Jackson about the various ministries and pastoral services offered among rural communities. Joel Howard joins us in the studio to sing Forever, and Mr Garner encourages us to follow in Jesus Christ's footsteps and show compassion to those outcast by society.

Interview: Jannine Jackson

Rev Keith Garner interviews Jannine Jackson, the National Director of Frontier Services, a work of the Uniting Church in Australia that is focused on supporting rural and outback communities. Jannine explains how patrol ministers travel to remote communities and provide pastoral care and practical assistance.

"A listening ear and the company that companionship and being alongside somebody is very different from jumping on a website or a telephone call. And for them it's a lot to do with actually having that conversation and knowing that someone really cares, to be able to walk alongside them."

Guest performer: Elizabeth Rae

We welcome back Elizabeth Rae, singer, songwriter and pianist to sing 'Praise The Lord' live in the studio for us.

Keith's message: Jesus' authority

Rev Keith Garner shares how Jesus Christ's authority was often questioned by many in society. He explains how Jesus was often questioned for helping those who were considered outcasts and encourages is to follow in His footsteps and show compassion to the disadvantaged.