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From stage to screen

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner interviews gospel singer Francine Bell about her journey as a performer, vocal coach and her passion for training up-and-coming artists. Francine then sings self-composed track, The Highway. Rev Keith Garner shares about how the invitation to accept Jesus Christ into our lives is for everyone.

Interview: Francine Bell

This week we are joined by gospel singer, Francine Bell. Francine is no stranger to the stage and screen, with credits on television programs in the USA, Europe and Australia. Her vocals have also appeared in various Hollywood films such as The Matrix Revolutions and Superman Returns.

Rev Keith Garner interviews Francine about her current role as a vocal coach and how she helps young singers grow into potential future artists.

"I get everybody hooked into the fact that God created them to be unique to be different to stand out, not blend in."

Guest performer: Francine Bell

Released on an EP in 2004, Francine Bell performs EP titled-track, The Highway. She's also well-known for her album, Jesus Told Me I Can Fly and her EP, Go Tell It To The Mountain.

Keith's message: An invitation

Rev Keith Garner shares how the invitation to receive Jesus Christ into our lives is open to everyone. While many accept, many also refuse. No matter who you are, the invitation is available to all who are willing to open their hearts to a Saviour.