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Wesley Impact! TV: Galilee - Who was Mary Magdalene?

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV, you’ll find hope and strength in Christ as the Rev. Keith Garner opens God’s Word to the Book of Hebrews and reminds of you the power of Jesus over all things.

You’ll also take a walk with Rev Garner through the town of Magdala in the Holy Land in a segment from his documentary ‘The Man of Galilee’. As you watch, Rev Garner will share how Jesus invited Mary Magdalene and many other women to play a leading role in His ministry on earth.

Plus, Wesley impact! TV regular, Craig Gower performs a brand new single from artist and worship leader, Phil Wickham called ‘Living Hope’, with support from the Wesley Impact! band.

Guest performers: Craig Gower

Wesley Impact! TV regular Craig Gower performs ‘Living Hope’, a wonderful new single from artist and worship leader, Phil Wickham.

Keith's message: Our hope is in Jesus

Jesus Christ is more powerful than we can imagine, and loves us more deeply than we know.

That’s the heart of this week’s message from the Rev Keith Garner, as he continues his series on the life-changing book of Hebrews.

If you’re feeling uncertain or insecure in life right now, you’ll be encouraged by this message as you’re reminded that Jesus has been given all power and authority in Heaven and earth, and is ready and willing to pour blessings of peace and hope into your life.