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Helping young people find hope

In this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, the Rev Keith Garner speaks with Jeremiah Wilkes, a family and community worker for Wesley Mission about his passion for supporting young people most in need.

Worship leader, Luke Taylor joins the Wesley Impact! TV studio and sings Tenth Avenue North’s song ‘I Have This Hope’. Dr Garner then shares the miraculous story when Jesus Christ feed 5000 people with limited food resources, revealing the great power of our saviour.

Interview: Jeremiah Wilkes

Family and Community worker, Jeremiah Wilkes began his journey with Wesley Mission over 16 years as a volunteer youth worker for Wesley Operation Hope—a program that supports disadvantaged young people. His dedication to helping young people led to a full-time job at Wesley Mission. Fast forward to today, Jeremiah is now one of the few male child protection workers working in the industry and for Wesley Mission. Jeremiah shares how his faith has influenced his role at Wesley Mission.

"It’s the centre, the absolutely the centre, and the reason why it is for me, is that it informs me, a little bit about, I guess my, the holy discontent I have in my heart to want to help people. The way to do that for me was to reach out and be a very good listener and help people where I can,” says Jeremiah about his faith in Jesus Christ.

Guest performer: Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor, a worship leader at Hope Unlimited Church, run by well-known Christian singer-songwriter, Darlene Zschech, performs ‘I Have This Hope’, written by Tenth Avenue North, an American contemporary Christian music band from West Palm Beach, Florida USA.

Keith's message: Jesus Christ—the Bread of Life

Rev Keith Garner reads from John 6 and shares the story when Jesus Christ feeds a crowd of 5000 people, using the simple lunch of a young boy—five loaves of bread and two fishes. This miracle caused such a reaction, the crowd wanted to crown Jesus as their king. Dr Garner shares how God can do exponentially more if we simply offer our resources to him.