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Inspiring Christian leaders

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner interviews Graham McDonald about his online resource called DIDUNO, which aims to educate children about Australia's rich Christian history. Deb Ezzy-Walton sings 'Daylight' and then Mr Garner encourages us to live a life of humility.  

Interview: Graham McDonald

Graham McDonald, creator of DIDUNO?, shares about his online resource that focuses on teaching children about historical influential Australians who were also Christians, including Reverend John Flynn, an Australian Presbyterian minister who founded Royal Flying Doctor Service.

“We actually give children role models,” said Graham. “When they start and read about John Cadbury from Cadbury Chocolate and the things he did… so these are the role models we want to present to children.”

Guest performer: Deb Ezzy-Walton

Wesley Impact! TV regular, Deb Ezzy-Walton sings 'Daylight', co-written by Darlene Zschech and Beth Gleeson.

Keith's message: Lead a humble life

Rev Keith Garner reads from Matthew 23:1-12 where Jesus Christ warns against hypocrisy and encourages us to live a life of humility.