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John Wesley: Ahead of his time

In the final chapter of Wesley Impact! TV's John Wesley series, Rev Keith Garner heads to London and visits the Wesley Chapel, which opened on All Saints Day on 1 November 1778, 11 years before John Wesley passed away. Dr Garner speaks with Rev, the Lord Leslie Griffith about John Wesley's passion to help the wider community and in particular his desire to help those less fortunate, by feeding the poor and organising a free health service. He explains how John Wesley was always ahead of his time.

“… he was a very remarkable man and also you know, his preaching, which was about salvation for all, through god's grace which is for all. It wasn’t just fine words, honeyed words from pulpits, it was translated immediately into action, it’s a terrific achievement," said Mr Griffith.

Accompanied by Wesley Impact! band, Daniel Kay performs 'Lift Up Your Day'.