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John Wesley: Humble beginnings

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner retraces the steps of the Methodist church founder, John Wesley and origins of Wesley Mission. Filmed in the United Kingdom, in this episode Mr Garner visits a rectory in Epsworth, where John Wesley once lived. He speaks with Dr Claire Potter about the history of the Wesley family, including their humbles beginnings and the struggles they endured such as bankruptcy. She also shares about the influential role John Wesley's mother played in his life as a spiritual guider.

Mr Garner also visits St Andrews Parish church in Epsworth and chats with Rev Ian Walker about the Wesley family's original place of worship. He then drops by Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, a site dedicated to John and Charles in 1882, to chat to Rev David Leese about the influence of John Wesley.

The Redeemer Baptist Choir perform live on Wesley Impact! TV and Mr Garner also shares a message about the means of grace.