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This week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV is part two of an insightful interview with NSW Attorney General, Mark Speakman about how his faith gives him a moral compass. Rebekah Cowie from Jesus Live Church performs 'Hosanna' by Hillsong and Rev Keith Garner shares about overcoming bitterness.

Interview: Mark Speakman

Mark continues sharing how his Christian faith and God influences his role as NSW Attorney General and how he hopes to give people confidence in the NSW justice system.

"Politics in public life is always about compromise ... you have to work out, is the compromise I'm going to make a principled and ethical compromise," says Mark."

"That's why Christianity is so fundamental to me in public life because I have to avoid the temptation of unprincipled or sleazy compromise that just isn't just morally right."

Guest Performer: Rebekah Cowie

A worship leader at Jesus Live Church, Rebekah Cowie, sings Hillsong's 'Hosanna', written by Brooke Fraser.

Keith's message: Overcoming bitterness

Rev Keith Garner discusses Mark 6:14-29 and how bitterness can lead to hatred through the story of the death of disciple, John the Baptist. He shares how we can find peace, hope and reconciliation by following in the ways of Jesus Christ.