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Wesley Impact! TV: Money for Good

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner continues looking at the gospel of Luke, and shares the story of Jesus healing a crippled woman on the Sabbath. It’s a powerful reminder that Jesus meets us in our need and loves those on the margins.

You’ll also hear from Samantha Jackel, recently named Barnardos Mother of the Year in Victoria. Samantha had an extremely difficult childhood, abused by both her parents, but she has gone on to achieve great things having found the ability to forgive through Jesus.

Plus, we’re joined by singer Jordan Worner as he delivers a wonderful rendition of ‘Battle Scars’.

Interview: Samantha Jackel 

So many people suffer from abuse and mistreatment, and it can be almost impossible for these people to move on. How can anyone find forgiveness for those who have treated them so badly?

That’s the question Rev Keith Garner and Samantha Jackel will be exploring in this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV as they discuss Samantha’s difficult upbringing and the life she has been able to build since then.

Samantha tells the story of the purple pants that taught her God loved her even when her life was in chaos. She’s now passionate about showing others that they don’t have to be defined by their past – instead, they can be defined by Jesus.

“True forgiveness will set you free from all those things of the past,” Samantha says. “It doesn’t take away the memories but it brings a healing to every part of your being.”

Guest performance: Jordan Worner 

Jordan is an Australian singer songwriter. He is passionate about leading people into God's presence through music. In today’s episode, he performs ‘Battle Scars’.

Keith's message: Jesus the Healer

Rev Keith Garner opens our eyes to beautiful love of Christ, that extends even to those whom society has rejected and given up on.

Rev Garner shares the story of Jesus healing a crippled woman in Luke 13, and explains how this shows us that Jesus can bring healing – physical and spiritual – to us too.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to consider how God is at work in you, healing you and bringing grace to your life, no matter your weaknesses.