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More than a comedian

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner sits down with social media personality and youth leader, Josh Hawkins, to discuss the influence social media has today. Craig Gower and the Wesley Impact! band perform 'First Love' and Rev Keith Garner shares about the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for the world.

Interview: Josh Hawkins

Rev Keith Garner interviews young adults minister, Josh Hawkins, about how he became an internet sensation overnight when a video of him throwing thing into place went viral in 2015. While Josh has been making videos since the 90s, he explains how he now uses humour in his videos as a way to spread the gospel message online.

"For me, personally the way I use it to connect with people, is just to use the gifts that God's given me in order to engage people. So that's why I make videos—hopefully funny videos, that people would be engaged and entertained and then maybe the next step would be to build a relationship with that person or at least to have an icebreaker with that person ..."

Guest performer: Craig Gower

Wesley Impact! TV's talented musical director, Craig Gower performs 'First Love', accompanied by the Wesley Impact! band.

Keith's message: Sacrificial love

In the lead up to Easter, Rev Keith Garner reads from John 12:20-33 and shares how Jesus Christ sacrificially gave His life on the cross for the world.