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Releasing children from poverty

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Heart 4 Kids co-founder, David Ryan joins Rev Keith Garner in the studio and shares how he is changing the lives of impoverished children throughout Asia. Craig Gower sings an inspiring version of Elevation Worship's Fullness and Rev Keith Garner challenges us to become fishers of men and women by sharing the gospel message to the world.

Interview: David Ryan

In 1996, David Ryan went to China on a mission trip that changed his life forever. He discusses with Rev Keith Garner how he started the Heart 4 Kids charity, alongside his wife Beth Ryan, which seeks to improve the lives of children in need throughout Asia.

“Through bringing them spiritual, physical and emotional care, we do this because we have a strong belief that children, no matter country they're from, no matter what their physical circumstances are, they deserve to know that Jesus loves them, that other people love and they deserve to have opportunities to be the people that they've been created to be," said David.

David is also a member of Wesley International Congregation.

Guest performer: Craig Gower

Wesley Impact! TV regular, Craig Gower sings passionate version of Fullness, written by Elevation Worship, from their album titled There Is A Cloud.

Keith's message: Fishers of men and women

Filmed at the Sea of Galilee in Israel, Rev Keith Garner shares the biblical story when Jesus Christ first called two of his disciples, Simon Peter and Andrew to leave behind their profession as fishermen and follow him. As believers in Jesus, Mar Garner says we are also called to become fishers of men and women and share the Salvation message to the world. He explains how Jesus has given us the power and confidence to cast our nets deep into the world into to share the gospel message.