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Supporting struggling migrants

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner meets Multicultural Support worker Alice Fang, about the important work she does with helping migrants resettle in Australia. She also shares about a successful parenting program for migrants at the Wesley Family Services hub in The Hills.

Wesley Impact! TV performer, Liz Scott sings Praise Your Name and Mr Garner offers into the compassionate nature of Jesus Christ.

Interview: Alice Fang

Rev Keith Garner speaks with Multicultural Support Worker, Alice Fang about the challenges faced by migrants when settling in Australia, including language barrier, isolation and a lack of support. She shares how the Wesley Family Centre in The Hills offers women a chance to rebuild their lives.

"Being a new arrival in Australia, it’s really important to connect them with our local services, which they don’t have a knowledge of what kind of support they can get from the local community services or other organisations, " said Alice.

"That reward for me is that when I see the ladies being confident again, the ladies having the hope to start their new life in Australia or the ladies being empowered to start their career or go back to school." 

Guest performer: Liz Scott

Accompanied by the Wesley Impact! band, Liz Scott sings Praise Your Name.

Keith's message: Raised to life

Rev Keith Garner shares how Jesus Christ revealed his humanity when performing miracles. Reading from John 11:43-44, Mr Garner explains how Jesus was deeply moved by the death of his friend, Lazarus and chose to raise him from the dead.

Here we are offered insight into the compassionate nature of Jesus, as he chose to reach all people and not discriminate, throughout his ministry on earth.