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The roots of Celtic Christianity

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner speaks with international Celtic artist, Heather Innes about her culture and faith. Heather also performs 'God Of The Elements' and 'Sensing the Presence' alongside, Pauline Vallance. Mr Garner shares about the baptism of Jesus Christ while filming live in Galilee, Israel.

Interview: Heather Innes

Celtic performer, Heather Innes shares her passion for infusing Scottish culture and faith when writing music.

"I grew up in Australia and when I went back to Scotland I just heard this music (Celtic music) and I thought, ‘This is in me, I love that music. I want more of that music’."

Guest performer: Celtic Caim

Heather Innes and Pauline Vallance from Celtic Caim perform two songs, 'God of The Elements' and 'Sensing the Presence'.

Keith's message: The baptism of Jesus

While filming in Galilee, Israel, Rev Keith Garner shares about the baptism of Jesus Christ while at the Jordan River, where Jesus was baptised.