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Wesley Impact! TV: A calling to foster care

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV the Rev Keith Garner learns what it's like to be a foster parent as he speaks with foster parent Helen Conrow and performer Jordan Worner sings 'Build My Life'.

Interview: Helen Conrow

On the reason Helen became a foster carer Helen says... "I'm a Christian and I've always felt it a calling to work with children and I don't know, I've just had a real desire to help them as well, and my husband and I decided 16 years ago to start fostering children, and I had a pamphlet put in my letter box from Wesley Dalmar went to info night and went from there."

Guest performers: Jordan Worner

Keith's message: The scribes and Pharisees

"He wanted to replace that kind of obsessional behaviour with keeping to something far far more important, he wanted to replace ritual with righteousness, now I think that's really what we find in verses 3 and 4 here when he is talking about all that they were criticized of..." Rev Keith Garner