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Wesley Impact! TV: A Trailblazing Woman

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner reminds us that we can have certain hope in the resurrection, and this hope gives us confidence for life wholeheartedly pursuing Jesus.  

You’ll also hear from prominent businesswoman Wendy Simpson, as she shares how she overcame the expectations and limitations placed on her by the world to pursue a career of powerful impact.

Plus, we hear a special performance from Craig Gower and the Wesley Impact Band of ‘Great Things’.

Interview: Wendy Simpson 

Wendy Simpson is someone who’s never hesitated to roll up her sleeves, break new ground and venture into uncharted territory. She’s had a long and distinguished career in business, and she credits her faith with giving her a bigger vision for her life.

Wendy says, “I had to catch a vision of what God wanted for me, bigger than what my circumstances, what my school teachers, and what a lot of society had told me was the role of women. I'm so pleased that I am a Christian and that I was able to see a bigger world than the world that was being created around me for me.”

Wendy is an inspiration for all of us, so tune into Wesley Impact! TV as she speaks with Rev Keith Garner.

Guest Performance: Craig Gower – Great Things

Craig Gower is a professional musician who is passionate about using music to present the Gospel. He’s the Music Director for Wesley Impact! TV, and today he performs ‘Great Things’ with the Wesley Impact Band.

Keith's Message: Hope for eternity

Rev Keith Garner opens God’s word to Luke 20 and poses an important question: what happens to us when we die?

Rev Garner reminds us that as Christians we have hope in life beyond death, because we follow a Lord who was resurrected. And that hope can lead us to do amazing things.  

Watch Wesley Impact! TV and find out how confidence in eternal life can give you confidence to pursue your purpose in Christ.