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Wesley Impact! TV: Becoming a Storyteller

This week on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner brings us deep into the mindset of the Lord Jesus in his words from Matthew 10, on the all-important issue of welcoming people into our lives.

You’ll hear an inspirational interview with Kirryn Zerna, a corporate leader and coach helping senior business leaders build their profile and brands… and how her faith informs the work that she does. As you’ll see, for Kirryn, her faith makes a difference even at an elite business level. For Kirryn, growth mindset is an important concept in business and in faith, as you’ll hear.

Finally, you’ll hear Greg Attwells perform a beautiful and moving version of his own original song, Speak.

Interview: Professor Kirryn Zirna 

Many people, including Christians, can be reluctant to think too much about their values, identity and purpose – and what makes them unique as an individual. It can also be difficult to combine our working life with our faith.

In today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Kirryn Zirna shares with Rev Keith Garner how these parts of our life are incredibly important for each of us to grapple with.

Kirryn explains how she helps people to become the storytellers of our own lives – an important lesson, especially in a world where much of our identity can lie online. With a new book recently published, Kirryn has much to say that you’ll find interesting and applicable to your life.

Join us for an insightful new episode of Wesley Impact! TV today.

Guest Performance: Greg Attwells – Speak

We’re often treated to original performances on Wesley Impact! TV, and today we’re very happy to welcome Greg Attwells onto the show to perform his song Speak.

Keith's Message: The Fundamental Act of Welcoming 

In Matthew 10, Jesus makes the astonishing claim that the Christian act of welcoming will receive reward in heaven.

On Wesley Impact! TV today, Rev Keith Garner invites us to see Jesus’ words afresh and embrace welcoming as a fundamental act of the Gospel.

As Rev Garner shares, the grace at work in people’s hearts is an act of welcoming from god himself – and one worth reflecting on and adoring.