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Wesley Impact! TV: Christianity in Australia

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner looks at the famous passage Romans 5:1-8, which clearly outlines the beauty and power of grace. Through the undeserved gift of Jesus, we can have lasting peace and hope!

You’ll also hear from Professor Stephen Pickard, Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Canberra, as he offers insights into how God is moving in our lives and society.

Plus, Lily Kwon performs a beautiful rendition of ‘Doxology’.

Interview: Professor Stephen Pickard 

Professor Stephen Pickard is the Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture in Canberra, and today he joins Rev Keith Garner to speak about faith, Australian culture, education and more.

Professor Pickard says of Australia, “There's great spiritual hunger, there's significant confusion at times and the church needs to find its voice again. But it needs to find a voice in a listening way and accompanying people and offering whatever wisdom it can for the common good.”

Tune in to hear more insights from Professor Pickard, particularly insights related to how God moves in our lives and society.

Guest Performance: Lily Kwon – ‘Doxology’

It doesn’t take many words to praise God! Today on Wesley Impact! TV, listen to the performance of Lily Kwon, singing ‘Doxology’.

Keith's Message: Jesus the Healer

Rev Keith Garner opens the Bible to the famous passage of Romans 5 – a passage that speaks overwhelmingly of the fact that the peace of God has been made possible through Jesus Christ.

Rev Garner explains that despite our sins, Jesus has died for all of us, to bring us into relationship with God and give us a new beginning.

Is this something you truly believe? Have you begun to live life in God’s peace? Tune into Rev Garner’s message and find out how you can find true and lasting hope.