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Wesley Impact! TV: Colin’s Career

15 September 2019 Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner looks at Jesus’ two parables of the lost things – the lost coin and the lost sheep. Jesus’ joy at finding the lost is such an encouragement for us all.

You’ll also hear from singer-songwriter extraordinaire Colin Buchanan, who has impacted a generation of young children with his catchy Christian music. He’s also a country music singer and today we discuss his whole career, from hosting Play School to penning insightful, emotion-filled songs for adults.

Plus, Colin performs his upbeat song ‘Outside the Camp’, which paints a wonderful picture of God turning up in strange places for his people.

Interview: Collin Buchanan

Are you familiar with the song, Ten, Nine, Eight, God is Great? How about Remember the Lord? If Christian Children's music is not your thing, have you ever attended the Tamworth Country Music Festival? Collin Buchanan's been taking the stage, writing and singing songs about Australia and its faith for the last 30 years.

Colin is the guest of Rev Keith Garner in this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV as they discuss Colin’s career, from hosting Play School to penning insightful, emotion-filled songs for adults.

Colin has inspired many people in the Christian faith, not only to learn scripture through song, but also to develop a deeper understanding of their own Christian faith.

Guest performance: Collin Buchanan - Outside the Camp

Colin Buchanan has inspired a generation of children with his catchy Christian songs. But in today’s episode, he performs one of his songs aimed at an older audience, ‘Outside the Camp’.

Keith's message: Lost and Found

Rev Keith Garner opens our eyes to the wonderous fact that God goes looking for us, as he open’s God’s word to Luke 15.

Rev Garner explains that Jesus’ two parables of the lost things, the lost sheep and the lost coin, demonstrate the recklessness of God’s love as he does whatever he needs to do to seek out his lost people.

Now we can share in that love together, as we too go out looking for lost people to invite into the kingdom of God.