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Wesley Impact! TV: Faith in Music

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner helps us to live in faith, secure in the love of Jesus, by taking us to the moment when Peter walked on water in Matthew 14. Rev Garner reminds us of the core truth that Jesus will never let us down.

On the show today is acclaimed violinist Niki Vasilakis, who shares how her faith and her profession playing around the world are intertwined for her in a 2007 interview. We’re also privileged to hear her solo violin performance of the central Christian tune: Amazing Grace, as performed live in the Wesley Impact Studio.

Interview: Niki Vasilakis

Niki Vasilakis as enthralled by her profession – playing the violin – when performing for hundreds of thousands of people, as for just a few dozen in church. For her, music is one of God’s gifts for expressing and sharing human emotion and experience.

In today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, we’re taken back to a conversation between Niki and the Rev Keith Garner from 2007, where she shares her journey from childhood lessons to becoming a professional touring and recording musician.

What’s most striking is how she intimately connects her abilities and her faith. It’s hard to miss her gratefulness to God when she talks about her career and life!

Guest performance: Niki Vasilakis - Amazing Grace

Professional violinist Niki Vasilakis lends her exceptional hand to perform a solo version of the classic hymn Amazing Grace.

Keith's Message: Faith on the Water

It’s tempting to dismiss the experience of Peter, when Jesus asked him to walk on the water, as a ‘once off’.

But on today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner explains that what Peter was commanded has a very real relation to our own lives, when we have moments of doubt, of ‘sinking’ in the water.

As Rev Garner shows, Jesus offers not only the command, but the solution and the power to answer it.