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Wesley Impact! TV: Galilee – Jesus speaks words of life

When Jesus arrived on earth, he brought with him a message that would transform the lives of his friends, followers, and millions of people throughout the ages.

In this episode of Wesley Impact! TV, the Rev Keith Garner will take you to Caesarea Philippi, one of the very places where Jesus delivered his life-changing teaching to those first disciples, in a clip from his compelling documentary, ‘The Man of Galilee’.

“When Jesus spoke to his disciples whether alone such as here in Caesarea Philippi, or in a public setting, he gave some of the most profound teaching, continually providing purpose, establishing meaning, and bringing a new way of thinking, indeed a new way of living”, said Rev Garner.

Wesley Impact! TV: Craig Gower — Stranger of Galilee

Our multi-talented music director Craig Gower once again steps up to the microphone to perform a fitting hymn called ‘Stranger of Galilee’, which imagines the joy of hearing Jesus speak the good news first-hand during his time on earth.

Wesley Impact! TV: God’s supreme gift

What is about Jesus that sets his message apart from every other religion, every other philosophy, and every other way of thinking before or after him?

Rev Keith Garner says Christ is the supreme gift of God to human life in each and every generation. He came from outside creation to bring blessing and life to those of us on the inside.

Through Jesus, we can find a new and fulfilling purpose for our lives that lasts beyond just the here and now, and extends into eternity.