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Wesley Impact! TV: God’s gift to us

On Wesley Impact! TV this week, Rev Keith Garner leads us through Romans 5:1-11, a wonderful, deep passage that explains God’s free gift of grace to us… and how that grace influences our relationships with each other.

We’ll also drop in on a conversation between Rev Garner and Jennifer McInnes, sister and carer to Doug, one of the amazing employees at the David Morgan Centre. The centre has provided valuable employment to people living with intellectual disabilities for decades and you’ll hear a little more about its impact in the community.

Plus, Elizabeth Ray joins us in the Wesley Impact! TV studio to sing the beautiful song ‘Before the Throne of God Above’.

Interview: Jennifer McInnes

“Doug has never, never looked back. He loves coming to work every day.”

Caring for a family member or friend living with a disability is an incredible gift and sacrifice. And it deeply matters to people going through the challenges of disability when they have a way to meaningfully contribute back to society.

For Doug, going to work has always been an important, positive thing in his life – as his sister and carer Jennifer shares with Rev Keith Garner on this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV.

Join us for an encouraging chat about the importance of being valued for your work, no matter who you are, and learn about the impact of the David Morgan Centre in the Western Sydney community.

Guest Performance: Elizabeth Rae

On today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Elizabeth Rae joins us to share a song that will be familiar to many listeners: the beautiful song ‘Before the Throne of God Above’, live in the studio along with the Wesley Impact Band.

Keith's Message: God’s gift to us

Some parts of the Bible are absolutely fundamental for our understanding of God and each other.

And today’s passage – Romans 5:1-11 – is one of those essential parts of God’s word for us to understand and know deeply.

Rev Keith Garner lifts our eyes to celebrate and comprehend the free gift of grace – and what grace does to our relationship with God with each other.