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Wesley Impact! TV: Gospel Technologies

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, you’ll be encouraged and inspired as the Rev Keith Garner opens God’s word to Galatians 6 and invites us to do good alongside God as He works to restore our world.  

Rev Garner also speaks to Graydon Colville from Global Recordings Australia – the local arm of a global network producing audiovisual Bible content in diverse languages. Graydon shares particularly about how GRA is helping Australia’s indigenous people access the Bible in their own languages.

Plus, we hear Craig Gower and the Wesley Impact! Band perform ‘Way Make’ 

Interview: Graydon Colville 

There are countless mission organisations operating around the world, all with unique approaches to sharing the gospel. Global Recordings Australia has a particularly interesting method of evangelism, using recordings and videos to tell Bible stories in diverse languages.

“For most of us, we have a language that speaks to our heart. The language we dream in, the language we talk to our spouse in,” explains Graydon Colville from GRA.

As Rev Keith Garner interviews Graydon and they discuss the work of GRA, they focus on how GRA is enabling the gospel to spread in places where technology is limited.

As Graydon explains, “There’s no technology that’s going to work everywhere. But phones these days, with a spread of smartphones, it’s a major distribution strategy.”

Guest Performance: Craig Gower - "Way Make"

Craig Gower is a professional musician who is passionate about using music to present the Gospel. He’s the Music Director for Wesley Impact! TV, and today he performs ‘Way Make’ with the Wesley Impact Band.

Keith's Message: Working with God

Rev Keith Garner opens God’s Word to look at Galatians 6 – an encouraging passage that reminds us that though our salvation comes not from works, but by grace, we still must work with God.

This motivating message will inspire you to get your hands dirty as you work hard for God, sowing in His way so that you will reap His blessing.