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Wesley Impact! TV: Growing Aussie Manhood

This week on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner draws out a powerful, real-life lesson from the Parable of the Weeds in Matthew 13, with an application each of us can take to heart.

You’ll also hear a fascinating conversation between Rev Garner and Ian Watson from 2011. Ian shares about his ministry, Shed Happens, helping to support Australian men be honest and real with each other: a challenge as present now as it was nearly a decade ago.

Finally, Jhoanna Aguila comes on the show to sing the well-known and much-loved song ‘What a Beautiful Name’.

Interview: Ian Watson

According to Ian ‘Watto’ Watson, Australian men are far too shy… until they have a good mate next to them, one-on-one. Only then, he says, can blokes be real with each other, and obey the command in James chapter 5 to ‘confess your sins to one another’.

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, we’re treated to a conversation between Rev Keith Garner and Watto from 2011. Watto shares his vision for the ministry he leads, Shed Happens, and takes us into the mindset of hard-working Australian men; their challenges, their fears, and their beliefs.

Many Australian men find it hard to be honest at the deeper level, and Watto has been helping them take responsibility and connect with one another in support and love. His ambition is as important now as it was when Rev Garner spoke with him nine years ago!

Guest Performance: Jhoanna Aguila – What a Beautiful Name

Today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV brings us a fresh performance of the well-loved and popular tune ‘What a Beautiful Name’ from show regular Jhoanna Aguila.

Keith's Message: The Good and the Bad

The Parable of the Weeds in Matthew 13 provides an important lesson about the coming judgement… but according to Rev Keith Garner, there’s much more to learn from the parable than meets the eye.

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Garner shares a very important real-life application of the parable, helping us to see the good and the bad in each of us – and how that vision helps us to make godly, upright, and wise decisions each and every day.