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Wesley Impact! TV: Holy Week

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, you’ll be encouraged and inspired as the Rev Keith Garner explains the significance of Palm Sunday – the beginning of Holy Week and a day we remember Jesus’ path to death.

Rev Garner also speaks to Wesley Mission colleague Cory Schut, who is the lead pastor of the Ryde service of Wesley International Congregation. Rev Garner and Cory discuss the significance of Holy Week and invite you to join them at the Wesley Mission celebrations this coming week.

Plus, we relive the last year’s Easter Sunrise Service with a recording of singer Steve Grace performing ‘Glory Bound Train’.


Interview: Cory Schut 

Every year, Christians celebrate Holy Week – the week leading up to Easter. It’s a significant time to remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And it’s the topic of discussion for Rev Keith Garner and Cory Schut from Wesley Congregational Church.

“I think that motif, that runs throughout Holy Week, is of Jesus calling us to join him in his work and in his kingdom and in what he is doing in our world”, said Cory.

As Rev Keith Garner interviews Cory and discusses Holy Week, they also chat about what life is like week-to-week for Cory as a pastor.

Plus, you’ll discover the plans for this week’s Wesley Mission Easter celebrations. As Cory said: “We're just proclaiming what Jesus has done for us. And that's going to be through drama and music and it's going to be something that we want to present to the city.”

Guest Performer: Steve Grace 

We relive last year’s Easter Sunrise Service with a recording of singer Steve Grace performing country classic ‘Glory Bound Train’.

Keith's Message: Jesus, the humble king

Rev Keith Garner opens God’s Word to look at Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem – the moment we mark today with Palm Sunday. When Jesus entered the city, the crowd received him joyfully. But just days later, they were calling for his death.