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Wesley Impact! TV: It matters when you contribute

This week on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner introduces us to the amazing team at the David Morgan Centre, providing meaningful employment for over 70 workers living with a disability.

You’ll also hear Rev Garner explain how Jesus’ 40 day-fast is still so important for us as we approach Lent this year, and how he can help us overcome temptation in our own lives.

Plus, Jordan Worner joins us in the studio to sing the wonderful song ‘Build My Life’, a heart-warming prayer for Jesus to become the centre of our lives.

Interview: Rick Lyddiard

One of the hidden disadvantages of living with an intellectual disability is how hard it is to find employment and therefore live self-sufficiently.

Rev Keith Garner welcomes manager of the David Morgan Centre, Rick Lyddiard, on this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV. Together, they discuss how the centre runs a commercially successful operation while providing employment and community opportunities for people with varying levels of intellectual disability.

Rick shares how valuable and welcomed his employees feel, and explains how his workplace has truly become an amazing, supportive community for many people.

Guest Performance: Jordan Worner – Build My Life

Jordan Worner returns to the studio to perform the song ‘Build My Life’ and lifts our eyes up to praise God as our firm foundation.

Keith's Message: Jesus helps us resist temptation

Rev Keith Garner turns us to Matthew 4:1-11, sharing the story of Christ’s journey in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights.

Jesus doesn’t shirk his humanity and avoid temptation; rather, he faces it head-on, and shows us the way to resist the devil and beat our temptations as they come and go.

Ultimately, trusting Jesus means we know that there isn’t a single temptation that we can’t beat with his help, as Rev Garner shows us.