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Wesley Impact! TV: Life-changing moments

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, you’ll be encouraged as the Rev Keith Garner opens God’s word to talk about Pentecost—the day when the Holy Spirit was given to the first Christians. It’s the same Spirit we have today!

Rev Garner also speaks to Matt Doeland, a singer-songwriter from Port Macquarie who performs regularly on Wesley Impact! TV. Matt recently had a life-changing experience on a trip to Africa, which he shares with Rev Garner.

Plus, we hear a special performance from Matt of the beautiful Bethel Music song ‘Stand In Your Love’, which is a great reminder about how we can escape fear through the love of Jesus.

Interview: Matt Doeland

Have you ever had a life-changing moment? This is the topic of discussion for Rev Keith Garner and Matt Doeland, a singer-songwriter who recently went on a mission trip to Africa and was deeply impacted by what he saw.

“[I saw] within the prisons the way that the truth of the Gospel transformed and changed the lives of hardened criminals,” Matt explained.

As Rev Keith Garner interviews Matt, you’ll learn more about how what Matt saw helped him understand that, in his words, “The power of the Gospel is like nothing else.”

Plus, you’ll discover more about Matt’s musical career. As Matt said:

“I think there's a depth to Christian music that is really important. And there's a message within Christian music that can be life changing.”

Guest performance: Matt Doeland – Stand In Your Love

Matt Doeland is a Christian singer, songwriter and worship leader from Port Macquarie. In today’s episode, he performs Stand In Your Love from Bethel Music.

Keith’s message: Pentecost

Rev Keith Garner opens God’s Word to explore the event of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit first came up Christians. It was a surprising experience for them, but this gift empowered the remarkable spread of the early church.

You’ll be encouraged as you remember that this same Spirit lives in you, and helps you proclaim the gospel with your words and deeds.