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Wesley Impact! TV: Public Christianity

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner opens God’s word to Luke 20, where the short parable of the generous widow inspires us all to give more to Jesus.

You’ll also hear from Reverend Peter Rose, as he discusses his varied career and why he thinks Christianity deserves a place in all parts of public life – including the military and the parliament!

Plus, Colin Buchanan performs his wonderful song ‘It All Comes Down to Jesus’.

Interview: Reverend Peter Rose

Politics and war are often regarded as parts of life that shouldn’t have any religious influence in them. But Reverend Peter Rose disagrees. He’s had a distinguished career in the military, and then worked as a chaplain in Parliament, and in both roles he saw a strong need for Christianity to influence all spheres of life – and for Christians to pray!

“Paul urged Timothy in 1 Timothy 2, to pray for those in authority, pray for Kings and all in authority, that we may be Godly and quietly governed. But I think we should all be praying for those in authority. It's very hard to denigrate somebody for whom you've been praying. And we can pray for them in their personal lives as well as in their public lives,” Peter says.

Peter is the guest of Rev Keith Garner on this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV.

Guest Performance: Colin Buchanan – It All Comes Down to Jesus

Colin Buchanan has inspired a generation of children with his catch Christian songs. But in today’s episode, he performs one of his songs aimed at an older audience, ‘It All Comes Down to Jesus’.

Keith's Message: A Generous Heart

Rev Keith Garner examines a short reading this week, just four verses from Luke 21, but there is a powerful message for us in these verses.

As Rev Keith Garner explains, the generous heart of the poor widow is something we all should work towards, as we seek to give as much as we can as we follow Jesus.

Tune in today and ask yourself, am I giving all that I am to Jesus? How could I give more to him today?