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Wesley Impact! TV: Rejection and Acceptance

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner takes us to a moment of confrontation between Jesus and his disciples, as told in Matthew chapter 16. As we hear, it’s a story that each of us is inherently a part of.

We’re also delighted to welcome Dr Graeme Clark, pioneer in the field of cochlear implants. Dr Clark shares the long journey that led him towards success in the medical field, and the parallels he noticed to his own personal walk with the Lord Jesus.

Finally, Leah Brett joins us in the studio live with the Wesley Impact Band to sing the beautiful song ‘Hour of Love’.

Interview: Dr Graeme Clark

Dr Graeme Clark is well known as one of the pioneers of cochlear implants, but it wasn’t always the case. Not long before his breakthrough, he was given the title ‘Clown Clark’ for daring to stretch the boundaries of medical knowledge.

In today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Dr Clark chats with the Rev Keith Garner about the intertwining story of his faith and his medical career that brought him all around the world, to a single moment of truth.

Dr Clark’s innovations have literally helped hundreds of thousands of people – and as you’ll hear, he is exceptionally grateful to God for the ‘wonderful journey’ that he’s been led on over these many years.

Guest performance: Leah Brett – Hour of Love

On today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, we welcome back Leah Brett, who joins the Wesley Impact Band live in the studio to perform ‘Hour of Love’.

Keith's message: Get Behind Me

The moment of confrontation between Jesus and his disciples in Matthew 16 comes to a shocking climax. When Jesus accuses Satan of being present in that moment, it reveals a deep truth which is relevant to each of us today.

As Rev Keith Garner explains, Peter himself took the moment to heart, as evident later in the Scriptures. Finally, Rev Garner challenges us with the same question that Jesus asked of the twelve disciples on that day.