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Wesley Impact! TV: Responding to Pandemic

On this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner takes us through a key part of John’s gospel, chapter 14, and examines the importance of trust in the Christian life. As Rev Garner explains, trust in Jesus revolves around a real relationship with him.

Also on the show, Rev Garner interviews Christine Morgan and Rebecca Burdick Davies, who work in advisory roles in suicide prevention at a high level. Christine and Rebecca share how the recent months have affected Australians, and they explain how the work they do helps people all around the country in these trying times.

Finally, Leah Brett joins us once again on the show, to bring us a beautiful rendition of the song ‘Sacred Space’. Feel free to sing along if you’re familiar with the tune.

Interview: Christine Morgan and Rebecca Burdick Davies

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner is joined by two hard-working heroes in suicide prevention, Christine Morgan and Rebecca Burdick Davies.

This year has been incredible in so many ways. Distress in the community has been an ongoing theme – and Christine and Rebecca have been working tirelessly at a number of levels for the sake of Australians impacted by bushfire, pandemic, or both.

The pair share their difference perspectives on the events of the last year, and Rev Garner explains some of the key crossover points between their work and the efforts of Wesley Mission. Join us for a fascinating, important discussion.

Guest performance: Leah Brett – Sacred Space

Wesley Impact! TV regular Leah Brett joins us again in the studio for a beautiful performance of the song ‘Sacred Space’. The tune was recorded live in the Wesley Impact! studios.

Keith’s message: Relationship and Trust

This week on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner links two key parts of the Christian life: trust and relationship. According to the Lord Jesus, the two go hand in hand, as we read from John 14.

Rev Garner explains that trusting Jesus can only come out of a relationship with him – an important and encouraging lesson for each of us.