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Wesley Impact! TV: Saving the Unsavable

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner takes us to the next part of our journey in Matthew. In today’s passage, Jesus begins his journey towards the cross by asking Peter some incisive questions – and Rev Garner helps us to ask these same questions of ourselves. The answer will change our lives.

On the show today is a 2007 interview with evangelist Nicky Cruz. Cruz’s story of transformation from gangland warfare to sharing the good news with all people is nothing short of amazing. Cruz speaks with Rev Garner about how the persistent love of Jesus and a skinny preacher changed his life – and it can change anyone’s life, too.

Finally, Greg Atwells performs his original song If It Matters To You, performed with the Wesley Impact Band.

Interview: Nicky Cruz

If anyone was ‘unsavable’, it would have been Nicky Cruz. A violent upbringing led him to the top of one of New York City’s most infamous gangs as a young man. All it took was a few meetings with a skinny country preacher and his life was turned around.

On the show today, Nicky speaks with Rev Keith Garner about his radical transformation into what he has become known for decades as: an evangelist called to preach to the lost all around the world.

Nicky’s story shows us that God’s love truly is for everyone – and that we’re all called to share the good news, no matter someone’s background or history is.

Guest performance: Greg Atwells – If It Matters To You

On today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Greg Atwells blesses us with a performance of his original song, ‘If It Matters To You’.

Keith's message: Answering the Challenge

In Matthew 15, Jesus asks Simon Peter something he had not yet had to face honestly. The question marks the start of Jesus’ journey to the cross – and it also stands as an important challenge to each of us today.

As Rev Keith Garner shares, how we answer Jesus’ question affects today, tomorrow – and the rest of our lives. The challenge from Matthew 15 is a significant one for each of us – how will you answer it?