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Wesley Impact! TV: Supporting Each Other in 2020

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner takes us through the next ‘word’ of the Christian life – peace. Reading again from John 14, Rev Garner explains that peace, rather than the absence of conflict, is a deep and important characteristic of everyone in relationship with God. 

Rev Garner is also joined on the show by long-time colleague Andy Moore, who has served in a number of capacities at Wesley Mission. Andy’s current focus has been on mental health in recent times, and he shares how he has been reaching out to the community to offer support and services in this difficult period.

Finally, our music director Craig Gower re-appears on the show, to send us off with a fantastic, and appropriate, tune: ‘Jesus Whispers Peace’.

Interview: Andy Moore

On today’s episode, Rev Keith Garner is joined by colleague and friend Andy Moore, who has served in a number of roles since starting at Wesley Mission in 2009.

Andy’s role has led him through a number of services, and his current work has involved him deeply in Wesley LifeForce Networks. He explains how each network is community-based and offers a support to thousands of people – to focus on mental health, suicide prevention, and resilience. It’s a vital service and a great blessing to Sydney. 

Andy also shares how his faith has influenced his decisions to serve at Wesley Mission, and the nature of faith as a journey, rather than a destination.

Guest performance: Craig Gower – Jesus Whispers Peace 

Wesley Mission Music Director Craig Gower returns to the show to perform a fantastic version of the song ‘Jesus Whispers Peace’, recorded live in the Wesley Impact! Studios.

Keith’s message: Finding True Peace

Peace – it’s a central part of the Christian outlook on life, as Rev Keith Garner explains on today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV.

Reading from John 14, Rev Garner shows us that a truly peaceful person is one who will give others a sense of that peace themselves. It’s a joy to discover – and something that each of us can access as well. Listen in to hear how Jesus’ gift of peace can be yours, too.