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Wesley Impact! TV: Supporting Parents

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner looks at Jesus’ visit to the home of a prominent Pharisee – and highlights just how counter-cultural Jesus’ words are.

You’ll also hear from Brooke Puletua, who has benefited from the ministry of Wesley Mission. Brooke used to be a model, but after having children she suffered from depression and anxiety and needed extra support. That’s when Wesley Mission came to support her.

Plus, we’re joined by singer Leah Brett as she delivers a powerful musical version of Psalm 42.

Interview: Brooke Puletua

Having children can be a really exciting time of life for young parents – but it can also be extremely difficult, particularly if a new baby has additional needs. How can people find support to face the challenges of parenthood?

That’s the question Rev Keith Garner and Brooke Puletua orris will be exploring in this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV as they discuss Brooke’s experiences with Wesley Mission.

Brooke first came into contact with Wesley Mission’s Brighter Futures program in 2017, after having her second child. She was struggling to cope with the needs of her children and also suffering from depression and anxiety. But the Wesley Mission support made all the difference.

“It felt like there was hope. I didn’t feel alone. It brought light to a situation where there was a bit of darkness,” Brooke says.

Guest performance: Leah Brett – Hour of Love

Leah Brett grew up in a musical home, joined her church music team at 9, and started performing professionally from 14. In today’s episode, she sings a powerful musical version of Psalm 42

Keith's message: Counter-cultural Humility

Rev Keith Garner opens our eyes to the importance of humility as he open’s God’s word to Luke 14.

Rev Garner explains that Jesus’ words at the dinner party of a Pharisee display a counter-cultural attitude to humility. It would have been normal in that society for people to seek positions of honour and prestige.

But when Jesus shows up, he tells the guests that the way into the Kingdom of God is by humility, not self-seeking pride. It’s through humility that we will be elevated to the place God wants us to be.