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Wesley Impact! TV: Telling the Story of the Gospel

As we come towards the end of the year, today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV focuses on freedom. For most, freedom is a personal benefit, but as Rev Keith Garner explains from Romans 8, Christians are set truly free – to serve, live and enjoy the best things in life.

We’re glad to welcome on to the show Meredith Lake, author, historian, and ABC presenter. Meredith’s book The Bible in Australia won the Australian History prize at both the 2019 Prime Minister's Literary Awards and the 2019 NSW Premier's History awards, and she shares her perspective on connecting the Bible into the regular lived Australian experience.

And last up, you’ll hear the sounds of an approaching Christmas, with Craig Gower’s performance of the carol ‘What Child is This?’

Interview: Meredith Lake

Meredith Lake sprung into public view with her award-winning book The Bible in Australia, which drew on a rich history of the Bible’s influence in modern Australia.

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner talks with Meredith Lake about public Christianity, storytelling, listening, and offering a Christian perspective in a sometimes-hostile environment. Meredith also shares how her stint on ABC radio came as both a surprise as well as a blessing!

We’re blessed to welcome such a bright mind onto the show this week, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy her conversation with Rev Garner today.

Guest performance: Craig Gower – What Child is This?

As we draw towards Christmas, Craig Gower joins us to perform the well-known carol ‘What Child is This?’, recorded live in the Wesley Impact! studios.

Keith’s message: True Freedom

Freedom – something that we take for granted – was not found in abundance in the world of the Bible. As Rev Keith Garner shows us on today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, the message of freedom was central to the gospel from the very start.

Rev Garner walks us through Romans 8, and ultimately shows us that true freedom is found in service of others and even laying our lives down for others, following the example of the Lord Jesus.