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Wesley Impact! TV: The cost of priorities

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner opens the Bible to Luke chapter 14 and shares what Jesus has to say about following him – including his controversial statements about our priorities.

You’ll also hear from Kanishka Raffel, Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney. Kanishka shares his story of coming to faith out of a Buddhist background, and explains what his role at the Cathedral involves.

Plus, we’re joined by singer Nikki Fletcher who will join the Wesley Impact Band to sing ‘How Great Thou Art’.

Interview: Kanishka Raffel

There are many cathedrals in the centre of cities around the world, but sadly most of them are seen just as tourist attractions and nice buildings.

Rev Keith Garner and Kanishka Raffel, Dean of St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney will be exploring what actually happens at a cathedral and why it’s important in this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV.

Kanishka also shares his personal faith story, of becoming a Christian out of a Buddhist Sri Lankan background and then becoming a Christian minister, passionate about sharing the gospel across cultures.

“Jesus is for everyone. He doesn’t belong to one culture. So a multi-cultural city like Sydney is just as good a place to proclaim the gospel as anywhere else, because he’s the Lord of all and the Lord of every nation,” Kanishka says.

Guest performance: Nikki Fletcher – How Great Thou Art

Nikki Fletcher has been a worship leader and songwriter for fifteen years. In today’s episode, she sings a beautiful version of “How Great Thou Art”.

Keith's message: The cost of priorities

Rev Keith Garner shows us just how much we need to reorder the priorities of our lives in response to the words of Christ in Luke 14.

Rev Garner explains that when Jesus advises his followers to ‘hate’ their family, and even their own life, he is showing us that following him has a cost and we must be prepared to give up everything else we love if it interferes with following Jesus.

It’s a tricky idea to understand, so tune into this message and see why prioritising Jesus is actually so worthwhile!