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Wesley Impact! TV: The joy of community

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner shares from Luke Chapter 9 how transformation comes to those who listen to the words of Jesus.

You’ll also hear from Adam Murray and David Van Acker from Wesley Mission’s Alan Walker Village. Adam and David talk openly about the joys and challenges of their roles, and the importance of the village in the social and spiritual lives of residents. 

Plus, singer and worship leader Luke Taylor is joined by the Wesley Impact! Band to perform the uplifting song, ‘Miracles’.

Interview: David Van Acker

In a time when aged care in Australia is under the microscope, Adam Murray and David Van Acker from Alan Walker Village speak to Rev Keith Garner and shares some good news from their experience.

Interview: Adam Murray

Adam is Village Manager at Alan Walker Village, and says residents at the facility not only enjoy a wide range of positive social and spiritual experiences together, they often have a lot of fun along the way.

“We see a lot of people getting more involved in the community aspect, which is great. Obviously, as people's health declines a little bit, we see them often get more support in as well, but we definitely see a lot more people coming in, engaging in different parts of the community, from the residents committee to different social groups.”

Guest performer: Luke Taylor

Luke Taylor is worship leader at Hope Unlimited Church, and in today’s episode, he sings an uplifting and soulful version of the song ‘Miracles’.

Keith's message: The transforming power of Jesus

Rev Keith Garner explores a fascinating passage from Luke Chapter 9 known as the ‘Transfiguration of Jesus’, which shows how Jesus has power to transform the lives of those around him.

With Easter around the corner, Rev Garner says now is the time to “catch a vision of Jesus” and see what he has to say to each of us. For transformation is possible for anyone who spends time listening to the words of Jesus and spending time in his presence.