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Wesley Impact! TV: The order of the universe

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner continues his series on the book of John, and speaks about the consequences of love.

You’ll also hear from Dr Luke Barnes, an astrophysicist, who has a truly special view of the universe. Luke loves helping people understand the order and design of the universe, and how when you look closely you can see God behind everything.

Plus, we’re joined by singer Lily Kwon as she delivers an impactful rendition of ‘Awake My Soul’.

Interview: Dr Luke Barnes

When you go outside at night, away from the city, and look up at the stars, you’ve probably marveled at the beauty and scale of the universe. But do astrophysicists still feel the same wonder?

Dr Luke Barnes says absolutely! “You never lose that as an astronomer. It never gets old. But more than that, every time we look at the universe through a bigger and better telescope, we see just more beauty there and more order.”

Luke is our guest on Wesley Impact! TV, speaking about his work as an astrophysicist, and how he is helping people understand the work of God in our universe – how if one thing was different, there would be no life.

Tune in for this fascinating discussion!

Guest Performance: Lily Kwon – ‘Awake My Soul’

In today’s episode, Lily Kwon sings an impactful version of ‘Awake My Soul’, a great song imploring God to help us worship him more fully.

Keith's Message: The consequences of love

Rev Keith Garner helps us to understand why following God’s commands is an expression of our love for him.

Rev Garner explains that while we may see commands as ‘rules’ that limit our fun and freedom, there are in fact there to help us understand the order and design of the universe, put together by a God who loves us and gifts us with the Holy Spirit.

So when you’re struggling to understand why God wants you to live a certain way, remember: He is with you, he has a plan and there are wonderful consequences of love.