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Wesley Impact! TV: The power of music

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, you’ll be uplifted as the Rev Keith Garner opens God’s word to explore the new life that God has given us by forgiving our sins through Jesus.

Rev Garner also speaks to Phil Bailey, who leads worship at the Wesley outreach services in Sydney on Sunday evenings. Rev Garner and Phil discuss the importance of music in helping to communicate the gospel.

Plus, we hear a special performance by Australian singer Jordan Worner of ‘Your Ways’.

Interview: Phil Bailey

Do you find singing songs in church a helpful part of your Christian walk? Music can really help us connect with our Maker and understand Him more. And it’s the topic of discussion for Rev Keith Garner and Phil Bailey, worship leader.

“Music is a way for people to join with everybody else in worship and a way to hear the truth as well. It lifts us up to the one and true God and it also connects us together,” says Phil.

As Rev Keith Garner interviews Phil, you’ll learn more about how worship leaders choose songs for their congregations.

As Phil says: “We choose music that we hope, one day, the Holy Spirit will bring back to the mind of people. The words of that song could come back and bring comfort, bring relief, bring hope and a connect with the Lord.”

Guest performance: Jordan Worner

Jordan is an Australian singer songwriter. He is passionate about leading people into God's presence through music. In today’s episode, he performs ‘Your Ways’.

Keith's Message: Life in the Spirit

Rev Keith Garner opens God’s Word to second chapter of Colossians to explore how when we follow Jesus, God gives us a new life of spiritual fullness. Take a look at how this new life changes our purpose, our actions and our community.

This encouraging message will give a new understanding of life in Christ, as you are filled with the Holy Spirit.