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Wesley Impact! TV: The power of stories

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner continues his series on the book of Philippians, and shares why Paul’s bragging about himself is, in fact, not bragging at all!

You’ll also hear from Katrina Roe, a children’s picture book author and radio announcer, who talks about her journey as a writer, media personality and mother of three—and how she gets everything done!

Plus, we’re joined by singer Elizabeth Rae as she delivers a beautiful rendition of ‘Known and Loved’, an inspiring song that reminds us that when we are with God, we have a home.

Interview: Katrina Roe

In recent years, it has seemed that books were on the way out. Bookstores have closed down and kids are more interested in screens than picture books. But what do we gain from stories?

That’s the question Rev Keith Garner and Katrina Roe will be exploring in this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV as they discuss the power of stories to help us understand the experiences of others.

Katrina is a children’s picture book writer and a radio host on Hope 103.2. She wrote her first book to help her daughter, who has a serious peanut allergy, cope with feeling left out at birthday parties.

“I think when reading, you experience what it's like to be someone else and you broaden your world”, said Katrina.

Guest performer: Elizabeth Rae

Elizabeth Rae wrote her first song when was just eleven years old, and began performing professionally two years later. In today’s episode, she sings a beautiful version of ‘Known and Loved’, written by Joel Ansett.

Keith's message: Jesus, the perfect priest

Rev Keith Garner opens our eyes to the surpassing worth of knowing Christ as he continues his series in Philippians.

Rev Garner explains that Paul, the great apostle, used to boast in his Jewish credentials and reputation.

But when Jesus confronted Paul on the road to Damascus, everything changed for him. He no longer boasted in his own accomplishments, but in knowing Jesus personally—and that’s something we can have too.