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Wesley Impact! TV: The Value of Care

On this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner helps to unpack Jesus’ words in Matthew 11, on rest, burden and peace. In these times, his message could hardly be more important.

We’re also happy to welcome to the show Olivier Valente, who works as part of the Wesley Mission team in Wesley Disability Services. Olivier helps us to understand the need, as well as the opportunities, in working in disability care, and the wonderful people you meet. He also shares how his faith helps him overcome the challenges associated with his work.

Lastly, Craig Gower and Deb Ezzy-Walton combine to perform a rendition of the song ‘No Longer Slaves’.

Interview: Olivier Valente

With the introduction of NDIS in Australia, it can be easy to see the system, rather than the needs of people around the country.

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, we’re delighted to hear from Olivier Valente, who works in our Wesley Disability Services and brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role.

Olivier, who originally grew up in the French Alps, isn’t shy in his love of working in disability services, and challenges each of us to consider helping in any way we can, while sharing his own amazing experiences.

Guest Performance: Craig Gower and Deb Ezzy-Walton – No Longer Slaves

Music has an incredible capacity to capture extraordinary realities, and today we invite Craig Gower and Deb Ezzy-Walton to perform the beautiful song ‘No Longer Slaves’.

Keith's Message: New Rest in Jesus

Today on Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner helps us to hear again Jesus’ words: “I will give you rest”.

Unlike so much in our lives, Jesus doesn’t demand us to do something, but instead to come near to him – a wonderful and important truth.

Rev Garner also challenges us to hear the Lord’s message not as a reason to rest and avoid responsibility, but as motivation to continue living life under God’s rule.