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Wesley Impact! TV: The value of community

In this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner takes us on the same spiritual journey that the psalmist wrote of in Psalm 121, leading to the crucial question: “Where does my help come from?”

You’ll also hear a heart-warming interview with Terry Whitehouse, one of the valued employees at the David Morgan centre, which provides employment opportunities to people living with an intellectual disability – and as you’ll see, it’s an incredibly close-knit and caring community, too.

Finally, our own music director Craig Gower returns to perform a new rendition of the beautiful old song, ‘The Stranger of Galilee’.

Interview: Terry Whitehouse

What’s the most important community to you? Whether it’s your church, your family, or your colleagues, each one of us needs a group of people who care for us and accept us as we are.

When you’re living with a disability, it can be so difficult finding a community that cares for you and treats you with dignity and respect.

But in today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Terry Whitehouse shares with Rev Keith Garner how the David Morgan centre has helped him find a wonderful group of people for many decades, while contributing to the community through his work and earning an income, too.

Join us for a heartwarming discussion between Terry and Rev Garner on today’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV.

Guest Performance: Craig Gower

Wesley Impact! TV music director Craig Gower is passionate about giving old gospel songs new life, and today he performs the beautiful tune ‘The Stranger of Galilee’ live in the studio with the Wesley Impact Band.

Keith's Message: Jesus helps us resist temptation

Rev Keith Garner draws our hearts along the spiritual journey of the psalmist, as together we read Psalm 121.

The psalmist sings about lifting their eyes up to the mountains. God’s Word never promises to us that life will be easy – rather, it’s an uphill battle!

But as the psalmist writes, we can know that God will always be there with us in the long, difficult journeys of life, meeting us and strengthening us along the way.