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Wesley Impact! TV: The value of history

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, you’ll be encouraged and inspired as the Rev Keith Garner begins a five-week series on the book of Hebrews, including a powerful reminder of the power and love of Jesus for all people.

Keith also speaks to university lecturer and historian, Stuart Piggins, about the influence and impact of Christians in early Australia, and the importance of looking to the past before stepping into the future. Plus, singer Matt Doeland from Port Macquarie is joined by his sister Naomi Miller and the Wesley Impact! TV band for a performance of ‘You’ve Captured My Heart’ from Matt’s album, Life.

Interview: Stuart Piggin

Countless books have been written about the early history of Australia, but according to this week’s guest, Stuart Piggin, almost every one of them is missing something vital.

“I noticed that most secular historians had left out so much of the Christian story”, he says.

Stuart's new book 'The Fountain of Public Prosperity' is about the key role played by Christians in the formation and development of society, as well as the importance of knowing that history.

As Stuart said: “I don't think if you understand the past you can possibly understand the present, let alone have any hope for the future.”

Guest performers: Matt Doeland and Naomi Miller

Brother and sister Matt Doeland and Naomi Miller sing ‘You’ve Captured My Heart’ together, an original song from Matt’s album, ‘Life’, which celebrates the transforming love of God.

Keith's message: Introduction to Hebrews

Rev Keith Garner opens God’s Word for the first in a five-message series on the book of Hebrews. He explains who the letter was originally written for, what is says about Jesus, and why it is still so important over 2,000 years later. This encouraging message will give a fresh understanding of Jesus’ love and kindness, as Keith explores Jesus’ superiority over all things, while also being willing to humble himself and call us his brothers and sisters.