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Wesley Impact! TV: What’s the deal with SRE?

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, you’ll be uplifted as the Rev Keith Garner opens God’s word to explore the resurrection of Jesus, and the profound impact of this miracle.

Rev Garner also speaks to Murray Norman, who is the CEO of Christian SRE. Rev Garner and Cory discuss the importance of SRE, or Scripture, in public schools, and how believers can get involved in this ministry.

Plus, we hear a special original song by Matt Doeland called ‘Breathe Into Me.’ Matt is joined by the Wesley Impact Band.


Interview: Murray Norman, CEO of Christian SRE

Do you remember attending scripture classes when you were at school? It used to be the norm for students, but now SRE is becoming rarer. And it’s the topic of discussion for Rev Keith Garner and Murray Norman, CEO of Christian SRE.

“Parents have the opportunity to have their children taught about the religion of their choice”, explained Murray.

As Rev Keith Garner interviews Murray, you’ll learn more about how SRE works, and why it’s so important.

Plus, you’ll discover how you can get involved in this important ministry. As Murray said: “We'd be really, really keen to have more teachers. It's amazing that teachers can go in and share their lives with young people.”


Guest performance: Matt Doeland

Matt Doeland is a Christian singer, songwriter and worship leader from Port Macquarie. In today’s episode, he performs an original song called ‘Breathe Into Me’.


Keith's Message: The risen Lord

Rev Keith Garner opens God’s Word to the final chapters of John’s gospel to explore the resurrection of Jesus. Take a look at what happened after Jesus rose from the dead, and how different people respond to this miracle.

This encouraging message will give a new understanding of faith, as you reflect on the experience of Thomas and his declaration that Jesus is “My Lord and My God.”