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Wesley Impact! TV: With All Due Respect

22 September 2019 Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron

In this week's episode of Wesley Impact! TV, Rev Keith Garner opens the Bible to Luke chapter 16 and shares how the parable of the shrewd manager is actually about so much more than just money.

You’ll also hear from Revered Dr. Michael Jensen and Reverend Megan Powell du Toit, about how their podcast is enabling Christians to have better conversations about tricky issues.

Plus, we’re joined by singer Dee Uluirewa who will join the Wesley Impact Band to sing ‘I Will Exalt You’.

Interview: Reverend Dr. Michael Jensen and the Reverend Megan Powell du Toit 

Do you feel that society has lost its ability to hold a constructive conversation on social issues of national importance and world value? Well, an unlikely pairing of two Christian ministers have come together in a weekly podcast looking at social issues from different theological points of view.

It could sound like a pious argument between clergy, but it's something that can be meaningful and useful to many Christians seeking unity. Reverend Dr. Michael Jensen and the Reverend Megan Powell du Toit attempt to talk about social issues from a Christian perspective. And if nothing else, they demonstrate that there are many shades of grey that must take place in any conversation on any issue.

Rev Keith Garner speaks with Michael and Megan in this week’s episode of Wesley Impact! TV.

Guest performance: Dee Uluirewa 

Dee Uluirewa is a vocalist and producer from Hillsong. In today’s episode, she sings a beautiful version of “I Will Exalt You”.

Keith’s Message: Shrewd managers

Rev Keith Garner shows us that Luke 16:1-13 is about far more than just managing your money well.

Rev Garner explains that when Jesus shares the parable of the shrewd manager is actually a call to invest our whole lives in priorities that will bear fruit in the long term.

It’s an important idea to grasp, so tune in and discover how the way you use what you have can have a deep impact in the future.