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Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron: Pursuing justice in our communities

30 September 2021 Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron

At Wesley Mission, we take working for justice seriously. We believe it's what we're called to do. In this episode of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron, you'll discover how our life-changing programs and services help achieve better outcomes for vulnerable and marginalised people in our communities.

Join Wesley Mission CEO and Superintendent Rev Stu Cameron as he introduces us to some of the people behind one of Wesley Community Housing's engagement days. Find out why community and connection are so important to our residents' wellbeing and our team members' role in supporting this.

You'll also meet Sam, a Wesley Mission chaplain and manager who leads some of our most innovative training initiatives in mental health first aid and financial literacy. Sam shares how Wesley Mission's financial literacy course 'In Charge of My Money' has changed the lives of thousands of inmates!

Learn just how important money management is to our communities' wellbeing and the dangers of the many 'money traps' out there. You'll be encouraged by the response to 'In Charge of My Money' in NSW prisons.

Finally, Stu challenges us to consider, 'how sharp is my mind?' Tune in to hear what God really cares about when it comes to the way we think!

 We hope you enjoy this thought-provoking episode of Wesley Impact with Stu Cameron.