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The voices of homelessness

There is no ‘one size fits all’ picture of homelessness—it can happen to anyone, at any time of their life. We’re privileged to be able to support many individuals and families in the search to find a place to call home again.

David's story: The Bondi Prodigal

David Story VoicesofHomelessness 810x540In his early fifties, David thought his life was over, in debt to the wrong crowd and dabbling in desires that belied his upbringing, he found himself homeless and adrift in Bondi. Homeless service outreach workers visited David and his friends several times. The invitation of a warm bed, a hot shower and meal was extended twice before David accepted emergency accommodation at Wesley Edward Eager Lodge. David received health and medical support, participated in Pathways training and got a part-time job. “It was my ticket out from the hole I had dug myself into,” he said.

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The many roads to homelessness

From domestic violence to sickness, there are an infinite number of circumstances that can lead to homelessness, as you will see from the variety of experiences below:

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