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John’s story: Finding a higher power

17 July 2017 Stories of hope

John's story: Finding a higher powerWhen John was in his 80's, he lived in a nursing home. He grew up with his emotionless stepmother, a good woman but one who taught John that God was full of retribution and someone to be feared.

In his 20's John was taking jobs playing pianos in hotels and pubs, places that were always quick to supply a free drink. He would drink every time he played; the alcohol freed him from his thoughts. But over time his drinking cost him his job, livelihood and his mental stability.

"I was a real mess" John recalls. "In 1959, not knowing where to turn, I lobbed onto the steps of St Marys cathedral. They said they couldn’t help me and told me to go to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). At the AA meetings, I learnt about a higher power—felt at home for the first time in my life. My higher power is Jesus Christ."

"It’s been 52 years since my last drink. But sobriety hasn’t come without struggles."

Before John passed away from emphysema, he was first cared for by staff from Wesley Help at Home before going into the nursing home. He was often visited by Chaplain Gail Kilby from Wesley Mission who spoke with John about life and faith as well as providing reassurance in this difficult time. John said he was thankful for the different ways that Wesley Mission cared for him.